The Vicar & His Wife


Wearing a ‘physical’ wig, a style much-favoured by 18th century professional gentlemen, the years of devotion and care show in the well-painted furrowed features of this clergyman. In contrast his younger wife shows herself to be more devoted to the latest fashions. Worn with a frill-edged slip, her dress is trimmed with a bright blue sash to match the ribbon in her powdered curls, her only other ornament being a choker necklace.

Possibly painted by different hands but, having survived together for over two hundred years, the portraits are offered as a pair. They are presented in the original matching gold frames, his with an aperture of plaited brown hair, hers with a seed pearl monogram laid on paler brown hair, each within foiled blue glass surrounds.

Ivory Registration: YQ37LNEX

Item Ref. 7105

Size: framed, 62 x 51mm