Corkscrew Curls

Thomas Hazlehurst (d.1821)


The lack of powder on this lady’s abundant curls suggests a post 1795 date, that being when the unpopular Hair Powder Tax was introduced by William Pitt’s government to raise additional funds to pay for ongoing wars with France. Modestly dressed in a white gown edged with blue ribbon, it is her unruly curls that make a bold statement.

The portrait is signed T.H for Thomas Hazlehurst. It is in fine condition and is a wearable size. It is set in the original gold frame with a narrow decorative edge to the front; enclosed on the back, it benefits from both a brooch clasp and a hanging ring.

Having been a pupil to Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Hazlehurst spent his working life in his native Liverpool where he would have been assured of a steady clientele of newly prosperous gentlemen and their families. He and his wife had a large family; his eldest son also became a miniaturist but died young.

Item Ref. 7141

Size: framed, 58 x 45mm