Ann Haines

With Her Marriage Certificate


This is such a personal and poignant little portrait showing Ann Haines in profile seated before a tasselled drape and stone column. Wearing her best dress which is so beautifully detailed on the bodice and sleeves, Ann also has a splendidly frilled cap trimmed with pink ribbon and a coral beaded necklace.

Enclosed in the original red leather travelling case, the portrait is accompanied by Ann’s marriage certificate giving her maiden name as Ann Hunt and showing that she married Charles Frederick Haines on 4 June 1816 at St Mary’s Church in Islington, London.

What makes the portrait so very poignant though, is the personal and very touching inscription that has been added by Charles Frederick following Ann’s death in 1826 at the age of 33.

Tho years have pass’d since we embrac’d
Yet thy sweet features in thy child I’ve traced
Still hear thy voice, and view the silent tear
Which fill’d thine eye when thou wast mourning here.
Farewell dear Ann, sorrow thou’st bade adieu
Happy our lot, if we can follow you
May thy lov’d daughter imitate thy course
And find her triumph in the self same source.

The dedication is dated November 1830 and is accompanied by a miniature watercolour painting of her tombstone with its inscription. In all a wonderful tribute and a befitting memorial.

Item Ref. 6251

Size: 77 x 63mm ; closed case, 90 x 75mm (3¾ x 3")