A Teenage Buck

Andrew Robertson, circa 1805


Stylishly dressed in a black double-breasted tail-coat and lemon waistcoat over a Royal George stock, his blonde hair in ruffled curls, this coming of age portrait shows a young gentleman slouching in his armchair with a self-assured air of wealth and inheritance. Sadly all his details are lost to history.

Larger than the average miniature, the portrait is housed with a gilt metal mount in a brass frame backed with velvet.

The youngest son of an Aberdeen architect, Andrew Robertson (1777-1845) initially studied medicine but, when his parents could no longer afford the fees, he turned to painting miniatures and theatre sets. Whilst his two brothers, also miniature painters, moved to New York to work, Andrew entered the Royal Academy Schools in London. He was later appointed miniature painter to the Duke of Sussex and had a distinguished clientele. His work is critically acclaimed.

Item Ref. 6573

Size: framed, 161 x 127mm