A Stitch in Time

Circa 1840


Needlework, both plainwork and intricate stitchwork, was the foremost occupation of ladies throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. For some it was a necessity and a way to earn a living but for others it was a pastime. Many young ladies relished the challenge of embellishing their best dresses with trims and embroidery.

Quite what this lady is stitching is unclear but her concentration is evident as she applies herself to it. Prettily dressed in blue, she has a fine lace pelerine fastened with a gold brooch and a matching lace head dress.

Painted silhouettes featuring colour as well as gold highlights are particularly attractive, though relatively uncommon. This handsome example is presented in a walnut veneer frame and is in fine condition.

Item Ref. 6393

Size: framed, 260 x 233mm (10 x 9")