A Noble Presence

George Engleheart


Painted during the 1770s, George Engleheart’s earliest portraits were on a small scale and typically featured a buff coloured background. He also favoured the use of blue around the eyes and mouth, all traits that are evident in this early example. Being a young man at the outset of his career, Engleheart usually signed these early pieces with his initials, again as seen here.

The portrait shows a distinguished gentleman wearing a richly coloured coat trimmed with braid. His powdered wig has side buckles and is tied en queue with a black ribbon bow.

Set in the original gold bracelet style frame with the later addition of a hanging ring as well as a brooch clasp and safety chain ring, the portrait has minor craquelure and rubbing around the outside edge between 2 and 4 o’clock. There is also a light scratch to the base at 11 o’clock and a short scratch to the glass over his forehead. Despite these minor flaws, the portrait is commanding and is a fine indication of the artist’s early talent.

Item Ref. 9061M

Size: 36 x 30mm

Provenance: Purchased from D. S. Lavender