A Learned Gentleman

By Merryweather


A full-length silhouette with gilding of a gentleman – possibly a preacher or a teacher – wearing an academic gown and bands and holding a book.

The cut silhouette has been over-painted in shades of grey watercolour and Chinese white with cream watercolour used for the collar and bronzing in the hair. The watercolour base of concentric circles and S-shapes is a recurrent feature used by Merryweather.

The silhouette has the artist’s stencil stamp – Merryweather Profilist – on the reverse. It resides in a period walnut frame.

‘Signed’ examples of Merryweather’s work are few and far between and no clue has as yet been uncovered as to where he (or indeed she) worked.

Item Ref. 5358

Size: framed, 310 x 218mm (12¼ x 8⅝")