A Haughty Look

Jeremiah Meyer


This portrait by Jeremiah Meyer shows a haughty-looking gentleman in a powdered wig with a queue, a cornflower blue coat and a deep neck-cloth. As is nearly always the case with Meyer’s portraits, the carmine colours have receded to create a delicate and appealing en grisaille effect. The portrait is housed in a gold frame with foiled blue glass reverse.

Born in Germany in 1735, Meyer arrived in England during his teenage years where he became a pupil of the renowned enamellist Zincke. He benefitted from early Royal patronage and in 1764 was appointed miniature painter to Queen Charlotte; he was also a founder member of the Royal Academy. Meyer’s work is critically well acclaimed.

Item Ref. 7234

Size: framed, 68 x 55mm

Provenance: Sotheby's, February 1997