A Dog Skin Case!

Circa 1785


This portrait is attributed to Thomas Peat who worked initially in London before trying his luck at the popular spa towns where he would have been guaranteed a steady clientele. The portrait shows a lady a pale grey dress with a short waist and low neckline worn with a handkerchief fill-in. Her powdered hair is worn in loose curls secured with a bandeau, a style that was known as à la conseilleur.

The portrait is in fine condition and is set in the original gold frame that is glazed on the reverse to reveal a hand-written note commissioning “a neat Dog Skin Picture case with a spring”. The note is signed by Mr Myers of No. 3. Mr Myers was a jeweller on the Strand which was located close to Holborn where Thomas Peat had his studio. It gives a unique and interesting insight into the process of framing portrait miniatures.

Item Ref. 4563

Size: framed, 75 x 64mm