5 O’Clock Shadow

Frederick Buck (1765-1840)


Painted in profile, the artist has painstakingly captured this gentleman’s five o’clock shadow as well as his crow’s feet and even the bags under his eyes. The result is an honest true to life portrait of character that places it amongst the better examples of Frederick Buck’s sometimes hurried output.

The portrait is in fine condition and resides in a traditional papier-mâché frame with an acorn hanger.

The younger son of an Irish silversmith, Frederick Buck (1765-1840) was a prolific and resourceful artist working mostly in his native Cork where his sitters comprised the local gentry and the passing military. He married twice and had at least eight children.

Ivory Registration: QT669VW4

Item Ref. 6713

Size: framed, 118 x 107mm (4⅝ x 4¼")