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Item Ref. 4872

JOSHUA TREWINNARD active 1804-1830

The lady in this bust-length silhouette is wearing a high-waisted dress with a square décolletage and a fine white fill-in with a columnar neck. She has a pretty cap in spotted voile trimmed at the front with a narrow ribbon bow. The style of her dress and cap dates the profile to around 1810.

The silhouette is painted on card in shades of grey watercolour and is set in the original papier-mâché frame with convex glass and a floral hanger. There are the remnants of a trade label (no. 2 - joint Trewinnard/Mitchell) on the reverse that is just sufficient to identify the artist. There is the usual age-toning to the card but otherwise the condition is fine.

Framed size: 51/8 x 4½" (132 x 114mm)

S O L D !

Joshua Trewinnard worked first as a watchmaker in the family business before becoming a profile artist. His studio was situated at 40 The Strand, London at times in partnership with others including J. T. Mitchell who was better known as a miniature painter. Examples of Trewinnard's work are scarce.

Painted silhouette of a Regency lady by Joshua Trewinnard

Painted silhouette of a Regency lady by Joshua Trewinnard

Early 19th century silhouette on ivory of a lady

Early 19th century silhouette on ivory of a lady

Item Ref. 5306

T. LONDON, active circa 1798-1815

This Georgian silhouette shows an elegant and fashionably dressed lady. Her high-waisted dress has a narrow waist band and gathered sleeves and is worn with a fill-in on the bodice. She has a beaded necklace, jewelled earrings and a pretty cornet cap topped with ribbon bows and fastened under the chin.

The silhouette is finely painted on ivory with the costume painted using shades of grey watercolour with touches of Chinese white and a hint of blue. Gum arabis has also been used to create more detail. Although it lacks a trade label, the style is distinctively that of T. London whose profiles never have a bust-line termination. It is set in a traditional papier-mâché frame with an emblems (rose, thistle and shamrock) hanger.

Framed size: 5 x 4¼" (128 x 109mm)

Price: £325

Little is known about the artist T. London who worked first in Kidderminster and later in Worcester. He was one of only a handful of artists who painted cabinet silhouettes on ivory. According to his trade label a profile on ivory would have cost the sitter ten shillings.

Item Ref. 5014

SAMUEL METFORD (1810-1896)

This is a delightful example of a profile by Quaker silhouette artist Samuel Metford. It depicts a young boy with ringletted hair wearing a Petersham coat with two rows of buttons down the front and a further line of buttons on the back, On his feet he has dainty shoes decorated with little bows, a style that was commonly worn by boys and men at that time. The boy is holding a toy whip in one hand and his peaked cap in the other hand.

The silhouette has been cut out and is extensively gilded. The coat collar appears to have been cut separately from white card. The profile has been laid on a simple watercolour wash backdrop and is signed bottom left "S Metford, fecit".

Signature of the artist Samuel Metford

Although it's not particularly noticeable, there is a small watermark just above the watercolour base on the right hand side. Otherwise the silhouette is in fine condition. The frame has minor old losses to the veneer on both top corners.

Size: framed, 10¾ x 9¼" (277 x 235mm)

S O L D !

Born in Glastonbury into a Quaker family, Samuel Metford left England for the United States when just 24 years old. He became an American citizen and worked there for about ten years before returning to settle in Lancashire. He worked almost exclusively within the Quaker community. He returned to the United States in 1865 but only stayed there a couple of years before finally returning home to his native Somerset. Metford had no children (his wife became mentally ill shortly after their marriage) but he adopted a son within the Quaker community in the north of England. He died in 1896 in his 86th year.

Samuel Metford, cut and gilded silhouette of a boy

Cut and gilded silhouette of a boy by Samuel Metford

Painted silhouette of Princess Charlotte by an unrecorded artist

Inscription on the reverse of a silhouette by Mr Hand

Item Ref. 5121

MR HAND, circa 1816

Thanks to Mrs McKechnie's painstaking research as published in British Silhouette Artists and their Work 1760-1860, it is not very often that talented but unrecorded silhouette artists, such as in this example, are to be found. Presented here is a head and shoulders silhouette painted on card by Mr Hand of London. It portrays Princess Charlotte of Wales, her hair upswept and decorated with a circlet of flowers. The profile is based on a portrait miniature of the Princess painted by Alfred Edward Chalon that was subsequently published by Ackermann as a popular stipple engraving.

The silhouette is painted in watercolour with gum arabic used to detail the hair and flowers. It is signed on the backing paper "By Mr Hand / 312 Oxford St / London" and is housed in the original heavy brass frame with a twisted rope design and a crenellated inner border.

Framed size: oval, 5½ x 4½" (140 x 116mm)

Price: £300

Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales (1796-1817) was the only child of George IV and Caroline of Brunswick. Her parents separated very soon after her birth and, as a result, Charlotte was brought up by governesses and saw little of her parents especially her mother. She married Prince Léopold of Saxe-Coburg and tragically died in childbirth at the age of 21 causing a period of unprecedented mourning. Had she outlived her grandfather and father, Princess Charlotte would have become Queen of England.

Item Ref. 5152

BRITISH SCHOOL, circa 1824

This is a touching little bust-length silhouette of a child named Charles Shipley. Charles is depicted in a short-sleeved dress with a square neckline and a ribbon sash at the waist. He is also wearing a coral beaded necklace intended as a charm against evil spirits.

The silhouette is cut out and has been gilded. What makes it personal though is the little lock of white hair that has enclosed with the profile together with the inscription "A lock of Charles Shipley's Hair Cut off July, 14th 1824".

The silhouette is set in a period Hogarth frame with a verre églomise mount.

Size: framed, 7 x 6¼" (180 x 159mm)

Price: £200

Cut and gilded silhouette of a child framed with a lock of his hair


Cut and gilded silhouette of a child holding flowers

Item Ref. 4803

BRITISH SCHOOL, circa 1840

This is a charming full-length silhouette of a child holding a single flower. She is wearing a dress with short flounced sleeves and a wide skirt tied at the back with a ribbon bow. She has a beaded necklace and is wearing bootees.

The silhouette is cut and gilded with a light watercolour wash backdrop. It is housed in a rosewood frame.

Framed size: 8 x 6¾" (204 x 170mm)

Price: £240

Item Ref. 4995

BRITISH SCHOOL, circa 1850

It's always gratifying to find two or more family portraits that have been kept together as this pair of coloured half-length profiles have. The gentleman, named as Thomas Richardson (1818-1874), is portrayed wearing a black tail-coat over a lemon waistcoat and black knotted stock. His wife, Elizabeth Ann Richardson (1820-1886), is wearing a vibrant green dress with a draped bodice and pointed waistline. Her dark hair is looped round her ears and drawn back into a twisted knot.

The profiles are watercolour on card and are housed in good quality period rosewood frames. There is minor light spotting to the unpainted areas on both portraits but overall they are in fine condition.

Size: framed, 8¼ x 7¼" (212 x 188mm)

Price: £325

Watercolour profile portrait of a lady, one of a pair

Watercolour profile portrait of a gentleman, one of a pair

Cut and gilded silhouette of a gentleman by Hubard Gallery

Stencil signature on the reverse of a Hubard Gallery profile

Item Ref. 4714

HUBARD GALLERY, active 1822 - circa 1845

This is a skilfully cut bust-length silhouette portrait of a gentleman with wavy hair and long side whiskers. His coat has a high rolled collar and deep revers and is worn over a waistcoat, a shirt with a standing collar and a knotted cravat.

The dark parts of the profile have been cut out. The shirt and waistcoat though are not cut out but have been painted directly onto the background card in watercolour. The Gallery's stencil stamp is on the reverse and the profile resides in the original handsomely figured bird's eye maple veneer frame with a gilt slip.

Framed size: 6¾ x 5¾" (172 x 145mm)

S O L D !

The Hubard Gallery was established in 1822 by a businessman seeking to exploit the precocious talents of the child artist, William James Hubard who whiled away the time in Chapel by cutting silhouettes of the congregation. The following year Hubard was presented with a silver palette by the Glasgow Philosophical Society who exhibited his work for the first time. This spurred the Gallery on to success and, to keep up with demand, several artists with individual styles and differing abilities were employed. They toured extensively around the British Isles and the United States. Hubard himself eventually left the Gallery to work on his own and when the American Civil War broke out he began experimenting with gunpowder but it was an interest that was to kill him when a bomb accidentally exploded at his foundry.

Item Ref. 4933

BRITISH SCHOOL, circa 1840

This is an attractive cut half-length silhouette of a teenage girl wearing a wide-shouldered dress with a Bertha top and narrow sleeves. She has a beaded necklace and her hair is arranged in a plait tied with a ribbon bow with ringlets framing her face.

The silhouette is cut out and has been gilded. It is housed in a rosewood frame with a gilt slip. Fine condition.

Size: framed, 7 x 6" (171 x 150mm)

Price: £165

Cut and gilded silhouette of a young lady

Cut and finely gilded silhouette by the Royal Victoria Gallery

Signature of Frith of the Royal Victoria Gallery

Item Ref. 3947


This is a cut and well-detailed full-length silhouette that has been very gilded. It depicts an unnamed Light Infantry officer sporting bushy side-whiskers and wearing an undress frock coat, the tassels of his sash looped up on his chest and his laced shoulder scales with the strung bugle horn badge. This emblem is shown again on the mohair band of his forage cap. The officer is standing with his gloved hand resting on the belt supporting his sword with his cap in his right hand.

The cut out profile is laid on a watercolour wash backdrop and is signed and dated bottom right 'Frith / 1841'. It is further signed on the reverse: 'Fred Frith / Fecit / Victoria Gallery / 1841'. The silhouette is housed in a deep bird's eye maple veneer frame with a gilt slip. The condition is excellent with just light age-browning to the background card.

S O L D !

Signature of Frederick Frith


Item Ref. 2394

ENGLISH SCHOOL, circa 1830

This attractive silhouette portrait is painted with a touch of colour and portrays a young lady wearing a dress with full, possibly 'leg of mutton' sleeves and a coral beaded necklace. Her hair is swept up into an Apollo knot and secured with a large comb.

The silhouette is painted in dark grey watercolour with gold paint used to accentuate the hair. It is set in a handsome period bird's eye maple frame.

Framed size: 77/8 x 7½" (185 x 140mm)

Price: £120

Painted silhouette portrait of a lady

Painted silhouette portrait of a lady

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