The Yellow Dress

Andrew Benjamin Lens (1714-c.1779)


Despite her youth, this aristocratic young lady appears poised and elegant as she gazes at us with large blue eyes. Dating to around 1740, she is wearing a beautiful yellow silk dress, the bodice and cuffs overlaid with delicate white lace. The square-shaped décolleté is edged with lace embroidered with yellow to match her ruff that is tied at the back of her neck with yellow ribbon. Her hair is swept up and dressed with a small posy of blue and white flowers and a yellow ornament.

Diminutive in size, the portrait resides in the original gold bracelet style frame with a later hanging ring and would undoubtedly have been worn on the wrist of the child’s mother. Apart from a little dust under the glass, the portrait and frame are in excellent condition.

The second son of the miniaturist Bernard Lens (the first artist in Britain to paint miniatures on ivory), Andrew Benjamin Lens (1714-c.1779) most likely honed his skills under his father’s supervision. He exhibited at the Free Society and Society of Artists between 1764 and 1779.

Item Ref. 6753

Size: framed, 39 x 30mm (1⅝ x 1⅛")