The Rose Corsage

Pierre Adolphe Hall (1739-1793)


The styling of this miniature is typical of the work of Swedish-born Pierre Adolphe Hall, in particular the dark background with impressionistic daubs of colour indicating flowers as well as the use of gouache in the hair. The unknown lady is shown wearing a décolleté dress with a buckled blue satin sash and a double-frilled neckline, a pink blousy rose with foliage on her corsage. Her powdered hair is arranged in loose curls and topped with a gauze head dress decorated with flowers.

The miniature is signed ‘hall’ in the dark background bottom left and is housed in the original gold frame.

Despite having studied medicine, Pierre Adolphe Hall opted for a career in painting. He was drawn to Paris where his work found favour and where he in turn found a wife. The Revolution caused him lose all his money and his patronage so that he had to seek exile away from his family in Belgium where he died a few years later. Despite his ignominious end, Hall left a considerable body of critically acclaimed work and is now recognised as an elite French miniaturist.

Item Ref. JH010

Size: framed, 73 mm diameter