The Pet Dove

Drawn by Ziegler and dated 1830


An enchanting portrait of a little girl holding a tame white dove that is tethered with blue ribbon. Wearing an ankle-length white dress over frill-edged pantaloons, she has golden brown ringlets framing her face.

The portrait is drawn in pencil with touches of watercolour and is signed with the artist’s initials bottom left and dated 1830. It is handsomely presented in a rosewood frame with a gilt slip. Excellent condition.

London-born Henry Bryan Ziegler studied art under watercolourist John Varley. He took up portrait painting whilst only eighteen years of age and went on to enjoy royal patronage and to exhibit from 1814.

Item Ref. 4669

Size: framed, 319 x 261mm (12½ x 10½")