The Doll Hat!

Circa 1760


This elegantly dressed young lady is wearing an eye-catching ‘doll hat’ adorned with pink and yellow flowers. Fashionable during the mid eighteenth century, these tiny hats were worn at the front of the head and held in place with a ribbon band tied at the back of the head. Her hair is arranged in the peculiar ‘tête de mouton’ (sheep’s head) style where the hair is swept up, curled and neatly arranged in rows creating an effect akin to a sheep’s coat. She is also wearing a pink and grey striped décolleté gown and a narrow ribbon choker necklace tied under her chin.

The portrait is set in the original gold bracelet frame backed with mother of pearl and with the later addition of a small hanging ring. Excellent condition.


Item Ref. 5759

Size: 31 x 27mm