The Brave Nelson is No More

Memorial Tokens

£500 as a pair

The death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 of Admiral Horatio Nelson transformed him into an heroic figure. Gold and enamel mourning rings were commissioned but these were expensive and very limited. More accessible were the naively painted pendants that were produced as mourning tokens and typically showed a young sailor boy or a maiden, thought to represent Nelson’s great love Emma Hamilton, grieving by his grave.

These two charming miniatures are typical examples of Nelson memorabilia. They are naively painted but are nonetheless evocative of the national mood.

The female version has light scratches and, when viewed through a glass, small spots of paint loss to the urn and background areas. It is housed in a gilt-metal pendant frame. The reverse of the frame has been dinged but has no major damage and is wearable as a pendant.

The male version is cracked and it’s likely that the inscription has been enhanced. It is set in a gilt-metal mount backed with card and lacks a hanging ring.

Item Ref. 6322

Size: 41 x 39mm ; 42 x 33mm