Swivel Portrait Ring

Father & Son


Georgian portrait rings are always special and even more special when they hold not one but two portraits as in this swivel ring. On one side is the father, with luxurious side-whiskers, in a military red coat whilst on the other side is his charming young son in a black coat and wide-collared shirt, his brown curls falling over his shoulders.

The portrait compartments are supported by a fluted high carat gold shank, the ring being between M and N in size (6¼ US) whilst the portraits are approx. 25 by 20mm (1 x ¾”).

The portraits have not been examined out of the setting so there are no known details on the sitters. The portraits are in fine condition though there are some scattered black spots that appear to be under the glass rather than on the portrait. There is also some green around the top edge of the boy, possibly caused by an overzealous polisher. None of this detracts though from this unique statement piece.

Item Ref. 6341

Provenance: Private Collection of a Gentleman