Richard Pendlebury

A Young Scholar, circa 1823


This little boy has such a serious and wise-looking face. He’s also been endowed with a rather large nose – bless him!
Apparently the wider the nostrils the more independent and self-sufficient the person is.

Richard is wearing a cornflower blue dress with lace on the sleeves and ruffles on the bodice. His lace cap is tied with a blue and white ribbon bow to match.

The portrait is set in a good quality chased gold frame with an aperture on the back that opens to reveal a lock of plaited hair behind glass. The little lid is engraved on the inside – Richard Pendlebury born 10 Augt 1821. The outside of the lid has been later engraved – 1st April 1845 – which presumably was the date Richard sadly died. If so, he would have only been 24 years old.

The miniature and the frame are both in excellent condition.

Item Ref. 6729

Size: framed, 61 x 52mm