Reader, I Married Him!

Circa 1850


A wonderful watercolour that is guaranteed to make anyone smile!

These two young Victorian ladies, in near matching blue and gold dresses, have obviously both been smitten by the same gentleman and have been battling it out for his favour through a lengthy (metaphorical) game of battledore. The gentleman in dispute, complete with top hat, is represented by the quirky shuttlecock that is being batted back and forth between the two sisters.

All is explained by the inscription running along the bottom that reads: “The longest game at battledore – Kept up between two sisters for nearly three years”!

Which sister won the prize will remain a mystery but the girl on the left is looking flushed whilst her sister appears crestfallen so that potentially reflects the imminent outcome.

The watercolour is housed in a period, befittingly distressed, ebonised frame. Good condition (the vertical shadow is a scanning quirk and is not actually present).

Item Ref. 5433

Size: 333 x 236mm (9⅛ x 13⅛")