Patterned Pelisse

Circa 1820


This lady is fashionably attired in a dress with a frilled collar under an attractively patterned pelisse, her powdered curls covered by a pretty chip hat tied under the chin with cornflower blue ribbon and trimmed with a large eye-catching rosette.

Chip bonnets were made from very thin strips of wood or straw and, depending on the type of straw used – wheat, rice etc. – they were often very pale in colour and shiny, as seen here.

This larger than usual miniature is set in the original 14ct gold frame, the reverse decorated with a foiled blue glass surround and an inner glazed aperture with two colours of hair arranged on opalescent glass in the form of a sheaf surmounted with tiny gold wire initials ‘M, A and M’ and seed pearls. The miniature is in fine condition; the blue glass surround is chipped at the top and cracked at the bottom but remains perfectly stable.

Item Ref. 7121

Size: framed, 96 x 79mm + bail