Mary Welsh

Henry Edridge ARA


The artist, Henry Edridge, has here captured to great effect the delightful moment when this toddler, Mary Welsh, caught sight of and stretched her chubby arms towards an unseen playmate. Rosy-cheeked and with golden curls, Mary is shown in a garden landscape wearing a traditional wide-shouldered dress tied with a cornflower blue ribbon sash.

The portrait is in fine condition and is set in the original gold frame that is glazed on the reverse to show a generous lock of Mary’s hair. The miniature still resides in the original silk-lined red leather travelling case with the child’s name recorded on a small plaque affixed to the front.

The son of a London tradesman, Henry Edridge (1769-1821) entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1784 aged fifteen. He went on to exhibit miniatures, portraits and watercolour landscapes with his studio attracting many aristocratic sitters, as well as artists and poets. He was a regular guest at weekend country house parties where he would draw portraits of his host’s family. His work is well represented in public collections.

Item Ref. 7039

Size: framed, 77 x 62mm + hanger

Provenance: UK Private Collection