Charles I

King & Martyr


A keen art collector, Charles I also commissioned portraits from many of the best artists of the day including Van Dyck, Hoskins, Petitot and Mytens. The execution of Charles I in 1649 added an enduring pathos to these portraits and to his life story.

This portrait shows the King in a ermine-trimmed crimson robe with a fine lawn collar wearing the Order of the Garter. It appears to have been inspired by Van Dyck’s full-length portrait of 1636 that was later engraved.

Vividly coloured, this eighteenth century enamel on copper portrait is presented in a period style gilt metal frame and is a good size to wear as a pendant. The portrait has a short hairline running in an arc from the base at six o’clock into the ermine trim on the cloak (approx. 20mm). This is not visible to the naked eye and is only discernible under magnification.

Item Ref. 9109RS

Size: framed, 40 x 35mm

Provenance: Private UK Collection