Catherine Anne Grant

Francis Hargreaves


An engaging portrait of a young lady named Catherine Grant in a white empire-line dress edged with lace, a gold brooch on her corsage and a blue wrap round her shoulders. Hew brown hair is swept up with curls falling over her forehead.

Catherine Anne Grant was born in 1805 and was the sister of the Scottish portrait painter and President of the Royal Academy, Sir Francis Grant.

The portrait is et in a gilt metal frame that is glazed on the back to reveal plaited hair surmounted with the initials CG in monogram.

Francis Hargreaves (1804-1877) was a second generation miniaturist having learned the art from his father. He worked mostly in and around the northern counties of England.

Item Ref. 5182

Size: framed, 75 x 62mm

Provenance: By family descent