Boys will be Boys!

Mid 19th Century


This cut and gilded silhouette includes a wealth of costume detailing and shows two teenage boys, probably brothers. The oldest boy is holding a cane and is stylishly attired in a striped blazer, knickerbockers, ankle boots and a peaked cap. The younger lad meanwhile is wearing a sailor suit complete with neck-tie and stripes on the sleeve.

Sailor suits for boys were made popular in 1846 by the four-year Prince of Wales who wore one whilst accompanying his parents on a cruise off the Channel Islands. The image was further popularised by Winterhalter’s famous portrait of the young Prince.

The silhouette is housed in a period ebonised frame with a decorative floral border. The backing board bears an interesting trade label for J. Palmer, Carpenter of Lattimer Cottage, Mile-End Road.

Item Ref. 4970

Size: framed, 340 x 265mm (13⅜ x 10⅜")