Battle Scars

J.E.P.M. Delacluze


The identity of this dashing French Hussar officer from the 1st Leib-Hussar Regiment has been lost to history along with the story of how and when he received that eye-catching scar across his left cheek. Most likely it happened during the Napoleonic Wars, perhaps at Austerlitz in 1805 or Waterloo in 1815. His Hussar’s uniform is heavy with silver braid, his thick silky hair and moustache adding to his sultry look. His coat bears the monogram of the Bavarian King Max Joseph.

Strongly painted, the portrait is signed Delacruze around the edge top left and is set in a gold plated frame that is enclosed on the reverse.

Jean Edmé Pascal Martin Delacluze (1778-1858) was a pupil of David, Regnault and Aubry. He exhibited at the Paris Salon for over four decades winning a medal for his very first exhibit in 1810. His studio attracted the great and the good of French society.

Item Ref. JH018

Size: framed, 69 x 52mm

Provenance: Private Collection