A Bergère Hat

George Engleheart


This elegant young lady is wearing an eye-catching straw bergère with a shallow crown adorned with yellow flowers and trailing ribbons. Fashionable during the latter part of the eighteenth century, these hats were often worn at an angle and held in place with a ribbon band tied at the back of the head. Her low-cut white dress is accessorised with a fashionable ribbon choker, her powdered hair upswept with curls falling over her shoulders.

Finely painted and with a blue sky background, the portrait is set in the original gold frame with a split pearl border, the reverse glazed to show grey-green silk.

George Engleheart (1750-1829) ranks amongst the most talented of the artists that were working during the Georgian heyday of portrait miniature painting. This portrait is from the earliest period of his career when he was painting on small sized ivory bases.

Item Ref. JH023

Size: framed, 55 x 45mm

Provenance: Edward Grosvenor Paine collection, New Orleans ; Christie’s 1982 ; Valerie Eliot collection – Christie’s 2013 ; Private UK collection