The Mob-Cap

Henry Jacob Burch, attributed


The popular children’s writer and artist, Kate Greenaway, illustrated her idyllic verses with images of children wearing late 18th century style dresses and large mob caps very similar to the attire of this rosy-cheeked child who one could easily imagine may have inspired Greenaway. Blonde curls spill out from under the frothy cap as the child gazes confidently out.

Painted during the 1790s, the portrait is housed in a gold frame that is glazed on the reverse to reveal plaited hair. There is a little dust under the glass but otherwise the portrait is in very good condition.

The son of an artist, Henry Jacob Burch (b.1763) exhibited at the Royal Academy having entered the schools at the age of sixteen. He was a highly successful miniaturist with a particular talent for sensitively portraying children.

Item Ref. JH001

Size: framed, 65 x 54mm (2½ x 2⅛")

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