William Angelo Grey

1st November 2020

Cut and gilded silhouette by William Angelo Grey

Previously unrecorded as a silhouettist or indeed as an artist, William Angelo Grey nonetheless claimed to be a Royal Academician. It looked impressive in his advertisements as did his middle name which may also have been assumed as a marketing ploy!

At the time of writing, William Angelo Grey is known from a single silhouette dated 1848 and three advertisements that appeared in Irish newspapers in Sligo and Boyle between September 1844 and March 1845.

In his adverts, Grey offered a range of artwork including highly finished oil portraits, miniatures on ivory, crayon likenesses and shades (both bronzed and plain). His prices ranged accordingly from a steep £100 to just 1s. He also offered lessons for amateurs in drawing and watercolour painting.

His Life & Work

Nothing is known of Grey’s background and no genealogical records have been traced. The single known example of his work is accomplished and makes good use of props. He makes extensive use of bronzing which is neatly applied.

Should further examples of his portraiture emerge, more may yet be discovered about the mysterious William Angelo Grey.

Jones’ Gallery of Art

12th May 2020

Jones’ Gallery of Art is hitherto unrecorded as a silhouette studio and only a couple of examples of their work has previously been noted including a profile of a lady with a dog that was sold by a London salesroom many years ago. So to discover two further profiles that are clearly a pair, albeit that only one of them is stamped, is an opportunity to study the characteristics of the artist’s style and so perhaps enable other unmarked profiles to be reliably attributed to the Gallery.

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