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The Internet enables us to take genealogical research to a new level. One aspect of this is to search for actual images of our ancestors. Portraits come in many forms, from head and shoulder miniatures to full-length portraits, in watercolour, oils or silhouette. It is easy to overlook the fact that all the ladies, gentlemen and children in those pictures actually existed. They lived and breathed just as we do, and many will have descendants now living.

As I keep a digital image of every portrait that passes through my hands, I thought I could perhaps help those searching for an ancestral portrait by making these images available. Needles and haystacks come to mind, but having had the occasional satisfaction of restoring a portrait to a descendant of the sitter, I realise that this can happen.

The following is a list of the people whose portraits are preserved in our archives. I hope they may enable some researchers to see a likeness of an ancestor (and sometimes additional family details may then come to light). in recognition of my time and effort, there is a small charge for supplying digital copies of £10 +VAT per image, payable in advance. Payment can be made by debit/credit card or by personal cheque or bank transfer. Please note that all images are copyrighted and supplied purely for personal research and information.

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* denotes that the original portrait is available for sale ~ please enquire as these are not always listed in our online gallery

Colonel Apperley (1807-1870) 4th Bengal Light Cavalry Lancers; Shropshire/Calcutta
Ann Eliza Arkwright taken in 1806 [silhouette]
*Sir George Armytage 3rd Baronet of Kirklees (1734-1783) son of Sir Samuel Armytage and Anne Griffith; MP for York
*Godfrey Armytage (1825-1908) son of John & Mary Armytage; 6th (Royal Warwickshire) Regiment; governor of Wakefield House of Correction
Sir John Armytage 2nd Baronet of Kirklees (1732-1758) son of Sir Samuel Armytage and Anne Griffith; MP for York
*William Armytage (1821-1872) son of John & Mary Armytage; Royal navy captain; m. Jane Hood
Charlotte Atkins daughter of Robert & Charlotte Atkins; Firvill, Co. Cork

Greville John Massey Bagot-Chester (1868- 1917) Captain in the Scots Guard
Joseph Moss Balchin (b.1777) Guildford; married Harriotte Barrington Logie of Plymouth
Franklin Baldwin coroner; Bandon, Ireland [silhouette]
John Baldwin Lieutenant 22nd Foot; d. at Peshawar 1854
Thomas Barker (b.1798) Southowram; m. Judith Hemingway
Christina Bartholomew taken ca1840 [silhouette]
Jessie Bartholomew taken ca1840 [silhouette]
Grace Barton
Sir George Howland Willoughby Beaumont (1799-1845) m. Mary Anne Howley
Francis (Frank) Bennett officer 95th Regiment of Foot (Riflemen)
Anne Beresford m. Thomas Taylor in 1747; died Cheltenham
Captain Bouskell commercial captain drowned at sea
John-Robert Boyd Captain of the Letterkenny Volunteer Cavalry in 1796 [silhouette]
Samuel Bradley 17th century
Lansdale Brown naval officer taken 1809
Richard Brown (1796-1880) midshipman - 'the handsome middy'
Isabella Brydges
Charles William Henry 4th Duke of Buccleugh (1772-1819)
Robert James Butt solicitor Great Russell Street, London
Rev. John Butt

Lieut. Kenneth Donald John Campbell (1831-1856) 29th Bengal Native Infantry; son of Major Kenneth Campbell, 45th Native Infantry
Frances Capper (b.1777)
Isaac Casaubon (1559-1614) classical scholar & theologian
*Caroline S. Castleman (b.1797) Rother House, Sussex
Anna Clifton née Vrignon
Anna Frances Clifton (b.1830)
George Abel Clifton (b.1831)
William Ballard Clifton (b.1829)
*Charles Nicolas Cochin (1715-1790) French engraver, designer, prolific writer & art critic
Mrs Coltsman Flesk Castle, Killarney [silhouette]
Mary Cofferton sister of Sarah Maria Forrest [silhouette]
Anne Courtenay (1784-1818) self-portrait
Elizabeth Wymond Cory see Elizabeth Wymond Eade
Joseph Covey (1804-1841)

Aurora Daniell [silhouette]
Blanche Daniell [silhouette]
Cairnes Daniell [silhouette]
Charles Daniell [silhouette]
Clarmont Daniell [silhouette]
Henry Daniell [silhouette]
Jamens Daniell [silhouette]
Jane Daniell [silhouette]
Nugent Daniell [silhouette]
Elizabeth Dent (b. ca1801) daughter of William Dent
Selina Dering (1756-1836) eldest daughter of Sir Edward Dering, 6th Baronet of Surrenden Dering
Ann d'Esterre (1770-1813) née Ellard; Rosmanagher, Co. Clare
Arthur Duff of Orton (1743-1805) son of William Duff, 1st Earl of Fife and his 2nd wife Jean Grant
Errington Dunford ironmonger & colliery contractor, Newcastle
James Dunford (1805-1875) ironmonger & colliery contractor, Newcastle

Edward Reynolds Sibly Eade (1834-1853) son of Matthew Henry Eade; midshipman [silhouette]
Elizabeth Wymond Eade (b.1800) née Cory; m. Matthew Henry Eade 1823 [silhouette]
Elizabeth Wymond Eade (b.1831/32) daughter of Henry Matthew Eade [silhouette]
Matthew Henry Eade (b.1786/87) m. Elizabeth Wymond Cory; linen-draper, Redruth, Cornwall [silhouette]
Catherine Edwards (b. ca1830)
William Henry Ellis (b.1830) Anstey Grange, Leics [silhouette]
Ambrose Everet (b. 1809)
William Everet brother of Ambrose

*Sir Charles Francis Farnaby 5th Baronet (1787-1859)
Mrs James Ferguson (d.1860) New Zealand
Sophia Charlotte Fielding (b.1773) m. 1792 Lord Robert Stephan FitzGerald
Ann Forbes-Mitchell (d.1836) née Powell
John Forbes-Mitchell (1786-1822) of Thainstone, Aberdeenshire
Eliza Maria Forrest daughter of William and his 2nd wife Sarah Maria; Gainsborough [silhouette]
Henry Cofferton Forrest son of William and Sarah Maria [silhouette]
Mary Forrest (b.1785) daughter of Rev. Richard Forrest; York
Sarah Maria Forrest 2nd wife of William Forrest [see also Cofferton, Mary] [silhouette]
William Forrest
Mrs William Forrest
Jacqueline Sylvia Fox (b.1917) daughter of Major Sir John St. Vigor Fox and his 2nd wife Katherine Sylvia (née Sutton)
John Robert "Bob" Fox
Marcus Fox
Mirabel Esther Mary Fox (b.1905) daughter of Major Sir John St. Vigor Fox and his 1st wife Esther Mary (née Waldo-Sibthorp)
Nicholas St Vigor "Nick" Fox
m. 1939 Iris Helen Hersey Ainsworth
William Richard "Bill" Fox (b.1911)
*Robert Fergusson Franks (1807-1888) son of Matthew Franks and Mary Fergusson; m. Henrietta Selina Bushe
*Henrietta Selina Franks (d.1887) daughter of Charles Kendal Bushe, Lord Chief-Justice of Ireland, and Anne Crampton

Isaac Gardiner (d. 1811) left his property to Henry Fynes Clinton [silhouette]
Louisa Gardiner (1775-1848) daughter of Luke Gardiner, 1st Viscount Mountjoy; m. Robert Fowler
Dorothy Garrison (b. ca1823)
George Gibbs (1779-1863) Belmont, Somerset; m. Harriet Gibbs
Elizabeth Mary Gooch (d.1895) m. Lewis Gooch; buried at Chelmsford
Lewis Gooch
Frances Deane Grady (d.1834) Stillorgan Castle, Co. Dublin; m. Arthur Blennerhassett MP
Sarah Greenhow (1801-1891) m. George Martineau

*Lady Frances Haggerston (d.1836) daughter of Walter & Mary Ann Smythe; sister of Maria Fitzherbert; m. Sir Carnaby Haggerston 5th Baronet
A. M. Hall Edwardian period
Clara Ann Hall (b.1801) daughter of Joseph Hall & Mary Mayor, Bristol; m. Staniland, Fareham
Charles John James Hamilton (1810-1849) son of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Hamilton & Henrietta Martha
Lucretia Hamilton (1754-1825) née Prosser m. Admiral Charles Powell Hamilton
Robert Hancock son of artist Robert Hancock
Judith Hemingway (b. 1797) m. Thomas Barker
*Beilby Hodgson (d.1809) East India Company; circuit judge
Elizabeth Lee Hodgson née Clarke m. Isaac Hodgson
Isaac Hodgson (b. Jamaica 1797) m. Elizabeth Lee Clarke
*Hoecker Family early 19th century

Peter John Hogan Irish-born, emigrated to the US
Benjamin Worthy Horne (1804-1870) coach and coaching inn proprietor; son of William & Mary Horne; m. Catherine Larkin
Catherine Clara Horne daughter of Benjamin Worthy Horne
Clulow Howard (b.1856) Brereton Hall
John Aaron Howard (b.1852) Brereton Hall
Joseph Bullock Howard (b.1854) Brereton Hall
Thomas Brereton Howard (b.1852) Brereton Hall
*Sophia Emily Hutchins (1825-1902)

Matthew Isacke (d.1831) captain of the Metcalfe

Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinson (1784-1851), 3rd Earl of Liverpool m. Julia Evelyn Medley
*Thomas Johnson (5 June 1754 - 14 August 1778)

Mrs Walter Jones early 19th century

Anne Kemeys-Tynte (d.1835) née Leyson; m. Thomas Lewis; m. Col. Charles Kemeys-Tynte; Halswell Manor
Joseph Ketley (b.1802) Kidderminster; missionary & slavery abolitionist
Henry Knowles (b.1812)

Rev. Samuel Langley (d.1839) rector of Checkley, Staffs [silhouette]
Charlotte Esther Lister (d.1827) daughter of Thomas Lister; Armitage Park
Caroline Louisa Lutwidge (b.1837) [silhouette]
Charles Robert Fletcher Lutwidge (b.1835) [silhouette]
Acheson Lyle (1795-1870) Lord Lieutenant of Londonderry [silhouette]
Doughty Lynn

*Robert Macalmount
Charles Somerville McAlester of Kennox & Loup (d.1847) Lieut-Col. Commandant 1st Reg. Ayrshire Militia & Deputy Lieutenant of Ayrshire
Egerton Francis Mead MacCarthy (1838-1917) first headmaster of King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham
Alexander Mackenzie cousin of General Mackenzie
Agnes MacVicar m. Arthur Ashley [silhouette]
Sarah Maiden née Wilson
Ebenezer Maitland (1752-1832) Clapham Common [silhouette]
Mary Maitland (1752-1835) née Winter, Clapham Common [silhouette]
Emily Manners (b.1830) Rugeley, Stafford
Frances Jane Manners (b.1836)
Samuel John Manners (b.1833)
Mary Marsh daughter of Rev. Philomen Marsh; married William Duffin, surgeon in York
Isabella Maudsley m. William P. Nicholson of Hoo, Kent & Rochester St Margarets
*Emma Meux (b. ca1822) Theobalds Park [silhouette]
*Marianne Meux (b. ca1820) Theobalds Park [silhouette]
*Guillaime Minter (1801-1836) Ostend
Admiral Mordwinoff
Alexander Mordwinoff
Mrs Mordwinoff
Nadinka Mordwinoff
Natalia Mordwinoff
Rev. David Morgan Ham, Wiltshire
Caroline Moseley daughter of William & Helen Moseley, Leighton Hall, Staffordshire [silhouette]
Thomas Moseley taken 1854
Alexander Murray of Ayton (Aytoun) m. Mary Ogilvy 1780 [silhouette]

Mary Knight Oliver (1776-1851) daughter of Thomas Oliver & Mary Kinght; m. William Beale
Maria Osler née Smith [silhouette]
Timothy Smith Osler (b. ca1824) [silhouette]

Harriet Jane Parker (b. ca1846)
Lewes Burnwell Parker (b. ca1845)
Richard Lowry Parker (b.1844)
Blair Paul Lynedoch Place, Edinburgh [silhouette]
Charlotte Paul Lynedoch Place, Edinburgh [silhouette]
Robert Paul Lynedoch Place, Edinburgh [silhouette]
Charles Lennox Peel (1823-1899) son of Laurence and Lady Jane Peel; m. Caroline Georgina Chichester; Clerk of the Privy Council
John Perceval (d.1818) eldest son of Lord Arden
Henry Phillips (1801–1876), professional singer
Elizabeth Philps
Samuel Polsbury Corporal Light Infantry, 3 Battalion of Grenadier Guards; taken 1838
Thomas Porter (1748-1815) Caribbean sugar planter
Henry James Prescott son of William Willoughby & Harriot Prescott; Governor of the Bank of England 1849-50
Mrs Prescott wife of Henry James; painted in 1820
Lucretia Prosser see Hamilton, Lucretia
Thomas Prosser (1831-1871) emigrated to the US in 1851
James Wallis Pycroft (b. 1814)

Charles William Henry 6th Duke of Queensferry (1772-1819)

Don José Mariano Ramos de Castilla (1781-1837)
Ramos de Castilla (1790-1861) née Cooke
Mrs Jno Ramsey
Mary Ann Rayer (b.1835) daughter of Thomas & Mary Rayer; Hill Court, Worcester
Elizabeth Read (b.1834)
Martha Matilda Renton (ca1806-1874) née Brinsden; m. Alexander Renton 1830 [silhouette]
Mary Renton (b.1832) Peebles [silhouette]
Robert Renton (b.1831) Peebles [silhouette]
Martha (Patty) Repton (1774-1780) daughter of Humphry & Mary Repton
Harriet Ricketts (d. 1832) daughter of Martin & Lydia Ricketts of Droitwich
William Ricketts (d. 1827) son of Martin & Lydia Ricketts of Droitwich
*Charles Ruddell-Todd (1831-1901) son of James Ruddell Todd; m. Sophia Mary Campbell
*Mary Ruddell-Todd daughter of James Ruddell Todd; m. Captain George Fiott Day V.C.

Eliza Sandland 1836 [with her daughter Maria]
Sarah Savage (b.1794) daughter of Charles and Sarah Savage, Bedford
Anne Scholfield (d.1856) née Spofforth; Sand Hall, Goole
Edward Scholfield (1805-1868) son of William & Anne Scholfield
John Spofforth Scholfield (1798-1861) son of William & Anne Scholfield
William Scholfield (1774-1854) Sand Hall, Goole
Lady Catherine Juliana Scott (d.1848) née Bateman; Bartington Hall & Great Barr
James Siddles valet at Camm's School, Eckington
Archibald Simson son of Archibald Simson of Commeapore, Bengal & Sarah Maria (née Boyd)
Henry Simson son of Archibald Simson of Commeapore, Bengal & Sarah Maria (née Boyd)
James William Simson b. 20 July 1835, d. 24 August 1836
*Mrs Sydenham Singleton Drogheda [see also Charity Spencer]
Adam Hay Sloane (b.1811) Peebles [silhouette]
Catherine Anne Sloane (ca1814-1904) m. Rev. Lachlan McGillivray [silhouette]
Elizabeth Sloane Peebles [silhouette]
James Sloane Peebles [silhouette]
Mrs James Sloane née Fullarton; husband was rector of Peebles Grammar School [silhouette]
John Sloane Peebles [silhouette]
Jane Sloane Peebles [silhouette]
Mary Sloane Peebles [silhouette]
Sarah Sloane Peebles [silhouette]
Richard Bradley Smith (b.1801)
*David Scott Carmichael Smyth (1798-1841) m. Anne Sherwood ; m. Isabella Frances Oakes
Francis Jackson Snell officer under Commander Howe 1794; captain of the Avenger
Jemima Snell m. James Gambier, admiral; HMS Defence
George Spence vicar of St. Clement's Cambridge
*Charity Spencer (1757-1787) daughter of Sydenham Singleton
Charlotte Henrietta Spens (b.1830) daughter of Archibald Spens and Henrietta Ochterlony Malcolm; Fifeshire
Caroline Louisa Stahlschmidt (1819-1876) daughter of Frederick Christopher Louis & Sophia [silhouette]
Conrad Christian Frederick Stahlschmidt (1752-1812) sugar broker, Whitechapel
Frederick Christopher Louis Stahlschmidt (1792-1855) [silhouette]
Sophia Stahlschmidt (1795-1875) daughter of Conrad Slahlschmidt by his 1st wife Ann Miller [silhouette]
Sophia Ann Stahlschmidt (1818-1911) daughter of Frederick Christopher Louis & Sophia [silhouette]
Mary Ann Standish daughter of John Standish; m. Joseph Dove 1828; Pontefract [see also Watson, Sallie]
John Standish designer of stained glass windows; Pontefract
Maria Josepha Stanley (1771-1863) daughter of John, first Earl of Sheffield; letter writer & liberal advocate
Eliza Starke [silhouette]
Emily Starke [silhouette]
James Starke [silhouette]
Luke Stavely (b. 1740) son of William Staveley and Rosamunda Cattle, Hunmanby; m. Betty Mitchell
Nathaniel Nugent Strode (1796-1831) officer in the Sicilian Regiment of Foot
*Henry Sudell (1764-1856) Woodfold Hall, Blackburn; influential businessman
*Thomas Sudell youndest son of Henry Sudell; Woodfold Hall, Blackburn

Eliza Tabor (1835-1914) novelist, m. John Stephenson
John Tabor m. Mary Holdich; school-master in York
Mary Tabor née Holdich
Mary Catharine Tabor (b. 1833)
Catherine Taplin (1808-1871) née Wiltshire; daughter of Benjamin Taplin (hatter of Andover) & Martha Eaton
George Blatch Taplin (b.1806) son of William Gilbert-Taplin & Anne Blatch; Andover
Arthur Harvey Thursby (b.1832) m. Mary Ann Kershaw; Ormerod House, nr. Burnley
Eleanor Mary Thursby (1803-1883) m. Rev. William Thursby; Ormerod House, nr. Burnley
Mary Ann Thursby (1834-1900) née Kershaw; Ormerod House, nr. Burnley
Alicia Amè Tomkins daughter of Samuel Tomkins & Eliza Alicia Isabella Smith
Anne Lydia Tomkins daughter of Samuel Tomkins & Eliza Alicia Isabella Smith
Mary Jane Tomkins (d.1905) daughter of Samuel Tomkins & Eliza Alicia Isabella Smith; m. Gustav Plarr
Fanny Tremenheere daughter of Lt.-Gen. Charles William & Frances Apperley
Minnie Tremenheere daughter of Lt.-Gen. Charles William & Frances Apperley
Charlotte Trevanion (1783-1810) née Hosier m. John Trevanion Purnell Bettesworth-Trevanion
Elizabeth Turner (1757-1837) Chafford
William Turner (1762-1827) paper-maker Chafford

Miss Vokes daughter of Major T.P. Vokes; Limerick

Martha Walker (1767/8-1788) née Wilson; Chester
Mary Waller daughter of Robert Waller, a surgeon and leading dissenter; m. Daniel Sharp; Lanaway House, Godalming
Christopher Warren m. Sarah Brearton
George Warren Rylandville, Co. Wexford
Sarah Warren (b.1787) née Brearton
Sallie Watson nannie to Mary Ann Standish
Mrs Thomas Edmund Weller 'the belle of Cheltenham'
Matilda Ann Welsh (b. Bangalore 1810) m. Lt-Col. Alexander Macdonald Elder of the Bombay Fusiliers
John White (1810-1859) m. Mary Balchin 1836; plumber & painter in Dorking
Adelaide Emma Wigney (b.1827) [silhouette]
Sophia Wiseman
Marg. Wood (?1811-1842) daughter of Rev. Thomas Newcomb, Shenley; m. Rev Richard Mountford Wood [silhouette]


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